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Y7 Studio WeFlowHardA few words: Dry, hot, and swaggy.

The spin: Hip-hop music and infrared heating elements create a hot, dry, and electric environment for a unique Vinyasa flow.

Walking in, the studio feels like a temple. Black floors shine like onyx, contrasting with the pure white walls that envelop the entryway. Tagged across the center of the front lobby wall reads a 10 foot sign: 99 Problems But a Bridge Ain’t One. I smile, and I thank god I found a studio with some attitude.

The cavernous foyer abruptly transitions to a narrow hallway that leads to changing areas and studio entrance. As the walls close in, I begin to feel focused and centered. The hallway closes off the world outside, and as I walk, I’m surrounded by mantras and cartoons that have been lovingly penned along the walls in thick black marker.


A dry wave of heat rushes through my body as I step into the studio. Within minutes, I feel warm and ready for the benefits of hot yoga. It is almost too dark to see, the only light coming from a row of candles along the front wall. Flickering in the candlelight, the studio’s mantra says it all: A Tribe Called Sweat.

We’re in this together. To move, sweat, and connect.

Y7 Studio Locations

Y7 is a hip-hop-inspired yoga studio is cofounded by Sarah Levey. If you ever find yourself in New York or (going back to) Cali, Cali, be sure to drop in to one of their locations:




Union Square

Upper East Side

West Hollywood

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