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I am often asked why I practice yoga. It’s a loaded question; a question I struggle to unpack.

Recently, I found an essay I wrote during the first week of teacher training. Bright eyed and lighthearted, I managed to perfectly articulate what yoga means to me. It’s a throwback kind of day, so I wanted to share.

Drop-in on the Comments below. Why do you unroll your mat?

Why I Practice Yoga

Why do I practice?

Yoga is a conversation with something larger than myself. I practice yoga because I am intrigued with what that “something” truly is. Often times, my practice is a reminder of a previous lesson learned but forgotten.

Return to breath.

Enjoy the process.

Find the edge, and hold it with confidence.

Too often, I find myself derailed by regrets and worries. Resentments hold me down, fear spreads me thin, and the loss of present moment makes me feel like a Solo cup in a sandstorm. Yoga reminds me that resentment and fear are manifestations of my broken monkey mind, an inability to live in the moment and enjoy the synchronicity that makes life magical.

Daily practice reminds me to let go, breathe, and move. The more I practice, the further these lessons permeate into other aspects of my life, and the stronger my resolve to continue practicing. If I can breathe through half pigeon, I can deal with an inconsiderate client. If I can flow through a Vinyasa with sweat pouring from my body, I can lace up my boxing gloves and slip punches without hesitation. My Savasana release becomes a reminder to surrender my relentless desire to control the result of every endeavor I pursue. And when I hold myself in final rest, I remember how little I need to feel warm, loved, and safe.

Yoga began as a curiosity, grew into a passion, and has evolved into a constant. It has become a core element of my day, whether a 15-minute meditation prep, or a 90-minute total-being detox. I’m fascinated by its simultaneous simplicity and complexity, and forever grateful for the mental, physical, and spiritual flexibility it has injected into my life.



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