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New Classes | Yoga and Boxing This Fall at RES YI’m excited to announce a new class schedule for this fall!

In addition to private lessons and group events, I will be leading classes at the Rose E. Schneider Y in Cranberry Township.

Below, please find class information. For additional information, be sure to reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the page!




Power Up Morning Yoga, 5:35am

Cardio Boxing, 9:30am


Power Up Morning Yoga, 5:35am

Yin Yoga, 7:30pm


Cardio Boxing, 9:30am

Class Information

Power Up Morning Yoga

Find flow and focus with this invigorating power yoga class. Ideal for all abilities, this Vinyasa-based sequence warms and strengthens the spine, hips, shoulders and core. Connect breath with movement as you flow through a series of standing, balancing, and seated postures. Class ends with a brief meditation (Savasana) to help students focus on the day ahead.

Yin Yoga

End your day with 60 minutes of slow stretching, breathing, and meditating. Gently move through 10 easy postures that focus on relieving stress from the neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips. Class ends with a long meditation to promote total body relaxation.

Cardio Boxing

“Move like water” through this unique martial arts-inspired cardio boxing class. Ideal for beginner and intermediate students, this class uses challenging punching sequences and dynamic body movements to build strength, balance, and coordination. No martial arts experience is required, but it is recommended that students bring protective eyewear and mouth guards as needed. While we do not spar (fight), students do practice punching sequences with one another.

Location Information

Visit the RES Y online, or map it with Google!


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