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Yoga is not a tax haven.

It is not a means to amass fame, followers, and garages of exotic cars.

It is not about self-proclaimed gurus, absurdly expensive franchises, and close mindedness.

Is it transcendent? Only if you’re dedicated. Unnecessarily woo-woo and New Age? It depends on where you practice…

To anyone who has been fooled, I say chin up.

To anyone who feels assaulted, I say you will heal.

To anyone who wants to give up, I say unroll your mat anyways.

Yoga is union. Mind, body, soul. It is deeply personal, yet powerfully inclusive. An introspective study of the One that translates into harmony among the Many. I urge every student of yoga to always remember your roots. Your first breath, first practice, first moment you broke through.

Stoke that memory like the embers of a campfire on the verge of death, and never forget your potential to overcome.

A Letter to Yoga Students

Editor’s Note: This letter has been drafted with a heavy heart as news of yet another claim of rape has been made against a popular yogi and entrepreneur.


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