Unify mind, body, and soul.

My name is Kellen Linehan. I am a certified yoga instructor specializing in Vinyasa-based power yoga. I am a lifelong martial artist and a student of yoga since 2007. My unique approach to yoga emphasizes breath, strength, and positive visualization techniques designed to help clients break through barriers on and beyond their mats.

My current location is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Electrify your corporate culture.

Workplace yoga and meditation events add awareness, purpose, and well-being to existing corporate culture.

Together, we will build a custom employee wellness event that aligns with your business goals and vision. Magical things happen when groups gather to set a unified intention—So let’s get started!


Turn down the noise.

Find a new level of focus and freedom with private yoga classes. Life is hectic, but together we can make things easier. Meet life at your mat with private yoga lessons for individuals and groups.

Capture flow with one-to-one yoga and meditation instruction, the fastest and safest way to take your practice to a new level. Prefer to sweat with your Tribe? No worries—group lessons and events are encouraged!


Stay Zen

A once weekly reminder to breathe, move, and create.